Jobs todo in July

With almost perfect growing conditions in July, its just a matter of maintaining the lawn and then relaxing and enjoying your garden and the sunshine.

Jobs for this month are:

Regular lawn mowing

This is an area where our customers think we are over doing it. This month the lawn should be cut a minimum of once very 7 days. In some cases a lawn might need doing every 4 days or so. This benefits the root system of the lawn and results in the lush thick grass we all want.

The cutting height is an important factor. By taking to much height off in one cut, you risk stressing the lawn. So maybe raise the height of your mower, and little and often is best.

If possible then use a mulching mower which will drop the clippings back onto the grass and provide a natural feed and will offer some protection from the dry heat.


Feeding can be carried out as part of your regular lawn maintenance. As its dry and hot (although not today, its pouring down) take care when applying products that contain Iron (FE).

A liquid feed is a better bet as its faster absorbed and there is a lower risk of it scorching.

If your lawn looks anything like mine, i.e. it’s covered in paddling pools, kids slides and swings, and table and chairs, then make sure you move these around to different spots every few days. This will avoid stressing the grass and save the white yellow marks that will need care once you do move stuff.

A little five minute job that will make a huge difference to your lawn, is to give your lawn mower a little bit of love.

Clean out any debris from underneath the cutting deck, if this is all full of old rotting grass then it will not be able to work to its full ability. A clean cutting deck will result in a cleaner cut and more grass being thrown into your bag or box. The biggest difference you can make is to sharpen the blade, if you’re using a mower with plastic blades then make sure they are all in good condition or better still treat yourself to a new mower with a metal blade. Remove the blade from the mower and sharpen with a grinder or metal file. Please be careful and don’t sue me if you cut yourself.

Non Lawn Jobs

So now we have the lawn looking its best, we need to sort the rest of the garden.

Make sure you are dead-heading your bedding plants to ensure you get the most amount of flowers.

Water all tubs and pots, now its dry, also pay attention to any new plants you have put in.

Make the most of the heat and move plants from your conservatory to outside.

If you have a pond then make sure you clear blanket weed and debris from it. Keep an eye out on the water levels and top up if needed.

Number 1 most important thing todo this month is to kick back, relax and enjoy.

As always check out our social media sites and contact us if you need advice or are you have some work you need completing.

We have been very slack with our blogs and we will do better to get them up more often, but they are for your benefit so please do contact us and let us know what you think.

Good bye.